Consider the alternatives. Wii’s going to take a punishing over Christmas, as family members get ripped on mulled wine and settle their differences on Wii Sports. But you’ll have finished Mario Galaxy before New Year and then it’ll be Easter before you touch it again.

Assuming you can actually buy one in the first place, of course, which would probably involve selling said family into slavery. PS3’s doing better now, but there just aren’t enough triple-A releases or worthwhile exclusives to keep you occupied over the holiday.

Compare that to 360 and there’s just no competition. You can actually buy it – cheaply – and there are hundreds of games for every conceivable taste. According to a press release Microsoft conveniently sent me this morning, you’ve got a choice of over 300 titles, with another 50-odd coming up in the next six months.

There’s everything from next-gen horror to family-friendly puzzle games – plenty of which you can’t get on any other console – and that’s before you consider the ever-growing amount of stuff on Xbox Live Arcade. There’s no better present for the games fan, and with the likes of Scene It and Uno even your granny could get some use out of it.

If they’ve already got one, you’ll be able to buy full games and (probably) movie and TV downloads on there – ideal for last-minute Christmas presents. It could even save Christmas if you’re far away from your nearest and dearest – you can exchange your greetings over Xbox Live.

Plus, you can avoid traditional family rows by taking it all online, settling your differences with a spirited few rounds of Halo 3 or Tiger Woods. And hey, even if you do have to cram the entire brood into your living room, what feud can’t be resolved with Guitar Hero?

Hook it up to your PC and it’ll even record TV for you, so you can only get the best of the overstuffed Christmas schedules.

The final touch? The lights are even in Christmas colours.

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