Bulgarian start-up working with Valve to free headset from its cables

Quark VR hopes to build wireless Vive this year

Valve has teamed up with a new virtual reality firm to create a wireless version of its Vive device – and the solution could be with us sooner than you might think.

Quark VR hopes to have an untethered version of the HTC Vive ready for demonstration this autumn, saying that it is “getting extremely close to being able to show it in action”, according to Ars Technica.

A start-up from Bulgaria, the firm’s creation replaces the cable that tethers players to their PC with a small transmitter they can place in their pocket – albeit with its own cable to the headset. However, this means VR users will be able to move about freely, without the fear of tripping over cables or pulling them out of their computer.

The transmitter uses a wi-fi signal to communicate between PC and Vive, raising concerns of latency and related motion sickness. Quark has acknolwedged that “getting the experience to feel seamless through wi-fi, keeping in mind the inevitable connection delay, was a huge challenge” but is confident it has solved the problem.

The project began after Quark experience Vive at a demo in Bulgaria, after which it met with Valve to propose its solution. The firm says Valve was “more than happy to co-operate with us on the task”.

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