Rare Collection for Xbox One tipped for summer release

We’re just a few hours away from Microsoft’s E3 2015 conference, and one game in line for a reveal appears to have been leaked.

Kotaku now claims to have concrete word of a collection of Rare games due for release on Xbox One. It’s a rumour we’ve heard before, but this time it’s backed up with a GameStop computer listing complete with what seems to be the official name – RareReplay.

It will apparently contain 30 or so games including Banjo Kazooie (N64), Battletoads (NES), Jet Force Gemini (N64), Perfect Dark (N64/360), Kameo (360) and Blast Corps (N64).

Of course, while Microsoft owns Rare, games whose licenses are owned by third parties (i.e. Nintendo) will not feature as part of the bundle. So don’t expect Donkey Kong Country or Goldeneye.

Rare is also expected to announce a brand new game that Xbox boss Phil Spencer himself has previously referenced, although Kotaku adds that this project is still at a very, very early” stage.

Microsoft’s E3 2015 conference kicks off today at 17:30 UK time. We’ll be streaming it for you here on MCV.

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