Rare: Look out Kinect will be amazing

The new manager of Microsoft owned UK developer Rare has told MCV that the progress made in Kinect game development over recent months points to an amazing future for the device as studios continue to discover new ways to implement the technology.

Rare has actually developed quite a bit of experience in the time it has spent with Kinect but we’re only just scratching the surface of the innovation in that area,” studio manager Scott Henson told MCV.

You saw our big bold vision for Kinect when we rolled it out last year and now we’re going to enable that. It’s amazing to me how much we’re going to deliver to consumers at launch but we’re just scratching the surface of what we can do about brining people into the gaming experience in a very natural and easy way so everyone can participate.”

However, it’s the possibilities further down the line that really excite Henson.

I have a history of working with game developers all over the world and what continues to blow me away both at Rare and in general is the amount of innovation and creativity that exists in our industry. You think ‘oh OK well this is what we have in mind’ and then you give it to the teams and they blow you away. This is what happened both with Xbox Live and Xbox 360.

Just look at all the sports Rare has crammed into Kinect Sports. It’s incredible. Look at what Harmonix is doing with Dance Central, look at what Ubisoft is doing with Your-Shape Fitness. They are things we kinda thought might be possible but then you look at what the teams have done with it and they’ve just taken it to a whole new level.

Extrapolate the next couple of years and look out, it’s going to be amazing.”

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