Razor confirms Ouya buyout details; Users to be moved to Forge TV

Ouya’s software and user base will be merged into Razor’s Forge TV project.

That’s following Razor’s move yesterday to acquire Ouya’s software assets, as well as the company’s branding – which it intends to use to publish Android TV and TV console games as part of separate venture.

Ouya’s marketplace, meanwhile, will be re-launched under the name Cortex and integrated into the Forge platform which, incidentally, Razer promises to ‘significantly’ redevelop. The deal does not include any rights to existing Ouya hardware.

"Razer will be providing existing Ouya users with a clear path of migration to the more advanced Forge TV micro-console and Serval controller bundle," Razer stated.

"Razer’s intention is to allow Ouya users to bring their games, controllers, and accounts to the Cortex TV platform on the Forge micro-console, advancing the experience of Android gaming on TV that they have previously enjoyed. Additionally, Razer is planning deep product discounts for incoming Ouya users to purchase Razer hardware, and a spate of freebies, giveaways, and promotions to enjoy on their new Forge consoles.

"Ouya’s work with game developers, both triple-A and indies, went a long way in bringing Android games to the living room and Razer intends to further that work. This acquisition is envisaged to usher more developers and content to the Android TV platform.”

The departure of Ouya co-founder was also confirmed Julie Uhrman, with Uhrman stating: "Razer is the perfect home for Ouya and the team that made it all happen. They can take the Ouya platform to new places, inspiring developers and embracing gamers, everywhere."

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