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What did UK games retail really think of 2015? Which companies helped them out the most, and what was their game of the year?

Find all this out and more in MCV’s Annual Retail Survey in which we spoke to over 130 UK games stores.

We also round up the defining moments of 2015 in our Review of the Year, featuring Hideo Kojima, Saturo Iwata and PewDiePie.

Meanwhile, Team17 boss Debbie Bestwick takes MCV through the company’s 25 years in the games business, from Worms developer to indie champion

And DingIt’s head of content Adam Simmons tells us about competing with the likes of Twitch and YouTube Gaming for domination in the streaming space.

The full contents of this week’s issue are below. You can read the digital edition here.

  • THE ANNUAL RETAIL SURVEY: Find how 2015 was for UK games retail – what publisher was their favourite? What was their game of the year? Do they think they VR is going to be a success?
  • THE 2015 REVIEW OF THE YEAR: MCV looks back at the last twelve months to see what the biggest trends and events that shaped the games market were
  • NEWS: Publishers bemoan Black Friday bundle ‘lunacy’
  • NEWS: Newly independent Just Flight targets development growth
  • NEWS: Insomnia Festivals set for Ireland and Scotland
  • NEWS: Industry veteran John Kavanagh returns to games at Pixelbomb
  • INDIE INTERVIEW: We speak to the developer behind the worst-sounding video game of all time.
  • INTERVIEW: As Team17 turns 25, MCV talks to CEO and founder Debbie Bestwick about the firm’s long history in the games industry
  • FEATURE: What’s next for GamesAid? The new chairman Ian Chambers tells MCV what’s happening for the charity after a year in which it raised half a million pounds
  • INTERVIEW: In February, DingIt decided to enter the billion-dollar video streaming market. But how can it hope to compete with giants like Twitch and YouTube Gaming? We speak to the firm’s head of content, Adam Simmons
  • APPOINTMENTS: MCV staff writer joins Develop
  • SHELF LIFE: James Harley of Stark Computers and Gaming tells us about the rising demand for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year and what other titles have been selling well alongside Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  • MARGIN MAKERS: As the dust settles on a busy Q4 period, MCV looks into 2016 to see what the best merchandise for the biggest games of next year is
  • INTERNATIONAL: MCV takes a look at the games market of the United Arab Emirates

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