Real Racing 3 release date announced, freemium model detailed

EA has announced a 28th February release date for Firemonkeys’ hotly anticipated Real Racing 3.

Alongside the release date announcement, several hands-on previews have popped up online, shedding some light on how the series’ newly adopted freemium model works out.

The game will feature two forms of currency, Touch Arcade‘s preview explains. The first (dollars) will be given out to players in liberal amounts, and they can be used to purchase upgrades, repairs and new cars.

Like the freemium structure adopted by many other racers, each time an item is purchased, there is an attached cooldown timer, so you won’t be able to use that purchase until that time has elapsed.

Allowing players to skip that cooldown time, however, is the second currency – gold coins. These are given to players rarely, and can be acquired via in-app purchases.

While this system seems to work quite well, how well it is balanced can make all the difference. An option to purchase the full game outright would have been nice too, EA.

Real Racing 3 is scheduled for release on 28th February for iOS and Android devices.

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