'Anyone who could draw a guy with a gun with a crayon could get funded,' says CEO of pre-economic crisis EA

Recession was a ‘blessing in disguise’ for EA says Riccitiello

Outspoken EA boss John Riccitiello has boldly stated that his company had become too complacent with itself, adding that the worsening economic recession could be “a blessing in disguise” as it will force the entire industry to reform and “clear away the junk”.

“Junk is hard to compete with,” Riccitiello told the LA DICE Summit audience, Gamasutra reports.

"We did get fat in too many places. It seemed like anyone who could draw a guy with a gun with a crayon could get funded. At least for EA, we got a little too fat, and a little too reliant on where things were.

“I’m not pro-recession, but to quote Rahm Emanuel – never waste a crisis.”

EA announced earlier this month that it is stepping up its job cutting measures as part of its ongoing cost cutting drive.

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