Senior recruiter Carrie Barcroft on what the company looks for in prospective candidates

Recruiter Hot Seat: Epic Games UK

Name: Carrie Barcroft
Title: Senior recruiter
Company: Epic Games UK
Location: Guildford, UK

How many staff are you looking to take on?
Here at Epic Games, we focus on hiring brilliant developers who will add value to the games we’re building and to the evolution of our engine technology. While we’re working to fill a handful of roles at the moment, there are no hard lines, as we’ll always find a place for someone exceptional.

What perks are available to working at your studio?
The biggest perk about working at Epic is the value the studio puts on employees. The company genuinely wants you to be happy and will do what it takes to ensure that you have a great work-life balance.

For example, there are no core hours, and we have unlimited vacation and sick time. In addition, Epic Friday each month enables our employees to work on something outside of their normal duties that is of interest. And, of course, there’s all the fun stuff we offer: our fitness centre, fully stocked kitchen, awesome playtest labs, gaming hours, all kinds of studio events; I could go on for a while.

What should aspiring developers do with their CV to help ensure they get an interview?
Candidates should focus their CV on the contributions that they have made in past roles. Provide detail but keep it brief and to the point. Always make sure to include side projects and any notable achievements. Stand out from the crowd, and show us what makes you special.

Who is the best interviewee you have ever had and how did they impress you?
I remember this one kid several years back who had such a passion for the studio and industry as a whole that it was radiating off of him. He had the attitude of wanting to do whatever he could to be a part of the Epic team, as long as he was able to learn and work with the talented employees. The cupcake he brought me helped, too. Show your excitement and passion; communicate what gets you out of bed each day.

And who was the worst?
One candidate who did not make a great impression was a programmer who told me three times in a matter of ten minutes that he was terrible at math.

What advice would you give for a successful interview at your studio?
Come prepared; know who we are, what we are trying to do, and how you would like to fit into that. Most importantly though, be yourself.

If you have recruited employees internationally, what has this process been like?
Recruiting internationally is quite similar to doing so in the US, but with even more new faces on the block, so to speak. Exciting times.

How have your recruitment needs changed at your studio?
With the way the games industry is trending we have had to add new groups within Epic to help us grow with the times.

For example, we now have our online team that is spinning up all the behind-the-scenes work on the upcoming Fortnite. We also have a great data and analytics group taking on the challenge of big data in games.

Why should devs join you when indie and self-publishing have become so much more accessible?
The Unreal Engine is used by people all over the world, and is powering many of the greatest games being released today – both indie and triple-A.

As part of the Epic family, you are putting tools into developers’ hands, and giving them what they need to make their dreams come true. It’s a pretty cool feeling to know that you’ve contributed to a force that helps shape the industry. We’re also building really exciting games, more of which will be announced soon.

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