Relentless: US now ready for social gaming

David Amor, the boss of Buzz studio Relentless Software, has ahead of tomorrow’s release of Buzz in North America said that the time is now right for the successful quiz series to hit retail on that side of the Atlantic.

Speaking to Next-Gen, Amor believes that SCEE is ahead of SCEA when it comes to social gaming, stating: Buzz, SingStar and EyeToy were all successful in Europe before they were successful in America.

I have a feeling that games in America are more in the hands of the core gamer than in Europe. I think gaming has probably spread a bit more widely in Europe, compared with America, and maybe the gaming system in America is still more in the den then in the living room.”

However, ahead of the release of Buzz in the US tomorrow, Amor added: The Americans are ready for Buzz. I think it’s that time. Buzz is real immediate social gameplay. It’s perfect for inviting a group of friends around, whether they’re into games or not. Whether they’re paying attention or not it’s really easy to get to grips with and it’s immediately good, fun game design for everybody.

Buzz is one of those games where everyone’s glad to have it on because they can all have a go. It’s an inclusive kind of game like that.”

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