Remedy acknowledges Quantum Break’s PC problems, says UWP v-sync fix coming in May

Quantum Break developer Remedy has apologised for the many problems that plague the PC version, saying that fixes for some of them are nearly here.

Others, however, are proving more difficult to crack.

Of frame rate and frame stuttering issues, the developer says there was a major rounding error introduced into our refresh rate predictions on shipping”, with a solution already in the works and soon to be introduced via a title update.

However, the problem of overall Windows 10 performance is more tricky. The issue, it says, is particularly problematic after prolonged play sessions, which lead to video memory becoming fragmented and important assets being shunted into system memory.

Remedy is looking into how to improve the overall performance of the game,” it said. Part of that is working closely with AMD and NVIDIA to address issues and improve the gameplay experience.” In the interim exiting the game and restarting should solve the issue.

Remedy also revealed that Microsoft will in May introduce a method for developers to disable v-sync and add G-sync into Universal Windows Platform titles – and it will have an update ready to take advantage.

It has also pledged to add an exit game option to the main menu, as well as additional graphics options such as the ability to turn off film grain.

SLI, CrossFire and other multi-GPU support will not be added to the game, however. Nor does Remedy intend to alter the rendering technique, copied from Xbox One, that sees the game reconstructing a 720p image into an 1080p output (or a 960p into a 1440p).

We have spent the last four years working on Quantum Break – the ultimate Remedy Entertainment game as we call it – and to see how warmly it has been received by gamers worldwide has been exhilarating and incredibly rewarding,” the studio said.

We want to thank our fans again for all their continued support for Remedy and apologize for any problems you have faced playing Quantum Break. We are paying close attention to forums and the discussion online about Quantum Break and are doing our best to solve the issues you are experiencing.”

Quantum Break debuted at No.1 in the UK charts this week, a handful of units ahead of closest rival Dirt Rally.

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