Dontnod Entertainment collaborating with Tomb Raider publisher on a new digital title

Remember Me developer working on Square Enix game

The team behind last year’s new sci-fi IP Remember Me has been signed by Square Enix to create a new game for digital platforms.

There are no details on what Paris-based studio Dontnod Entertainment is actually working on, but judging from the comments below, we’re guessing it’s a different take on "traditional story-driven games".

It’s not clear if this will be a new IP, or a spin-off of a Square Enix property such as Tomb Raider, Deus Ex or Final Fantasy. It’s also unclear whether the studio has cut ties with Remember Me publisher Capcom.

Earlier this year, reports suggested Dontnod had filed for bankruptcy following poor sales of Remember Me, but the company denied this, instead saying it was undergoing a "judicial reorganisation" so it could "re-adapt" its production pipeline for what it called a "new situation". Presumably a situation where it works on lower risk download games rather than high-end titles for the increasingly punishing retail market. 

Interestingly, Remember Me fared better as a download game as part of Sony’s PlayStation Plus offer than it did at retail.

"We’re very excited to be working with Square Enix on our new game," said Dontnod CEO Oskar Guilbert. "It’s a twist on traditional story-driven games and we can’t wait to share more with you soon."

Square Enix’s Lee Singleton added: "I’ve known Oskar and some of the team at Dontnod for quite a while now. They’re very talented so they’ve been on my list of studios I’d like to work with but we’ve never found the right game until now.

"We are not ready to announce the game details today, but I can tell you that I’m excited. This game feels refreshingly different from traditional story-driven games and you won’t have to wait long before we share more details."

Which means the reveal is next week during E3, right?

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