Report claims Destiny 2 was due in September, has been delayed

It has been alleged that Activision and Bungie were planning to release Destiny 2 this September. It is also claimed that shooter has now been delayed.

Kotaku reports that Bungie made the decision earlier this month. It adds that the studio’s plans for the game have been fluid from the off, with the original roadmap pencilling in Destiny 2 for a September 2015 release.

After hitting all of its promised milestones in the game’s first year, leading all the way up to the release of The Taken King in September, Bungie has been coy on what big updates are in the pipeline. Part of the issue, Kotaku claims, is that internal goalposts keep shifting.

For instance, the game’s microtransactions were initially promised to be cosmetic-only. Two months later this plan had changed. And judging by reports from VG247*, this could soon be stepped up further still with the introduction of paid-for ammo.

Now Bungie’s leadership is said to be uncertain about what content it wants to launch for Destiny 1 this year, what will be held back for Destiny 2, what will be free and what will be paid. One source claimed that several new DLC packs have now been put into development to make up for the sequel’s delay.

Fans are hungry for even the vaguest hint about new content, but Bungie’s leadership doesn’t want to hint at anything unless they’re sure they’ll actually be able to deliver it,” Kotaku added. It’s a tough situation for everyone, exacerbated by Bungie’s inefficient designer tools, Activision’s revenue demands, a high-pressure schedule, and a community constantly ravenous for the next big thing.”

*UPDATE: Activision has, in no uncertain terms, shot down the rumour of paid-for premium ammo coming to the game, with a rep telling Game Informer: "We’re not doing that."

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