Report: Mexican games market to hit $1bn

A new

Research and Markets

report has forecast that the Mexican video games market could be worth as much as $1 billion by 2010.

The review states that the Mexican video game industry is ‘exploding’ and ‘attracting major new marketing investment and luring global game publishers to establish local offices’.

"The results of our research flies in the face of the image of Mexico as an insignificant consumer market plagued with piracy," said Phung Pham, lead analyst on the report. "There is a booming gamer population and despite problems with piracy, a substantial level of legitimate business. And video game publishers are finally starting to take note."

One phenomenon identified in the report regards demographics – and the emergence of young, unmarried gamers in the territory.

The report notes that it is common in Mexico for young adults to live with their parents until their first marriage – translating into a high level of disposable income.

The report reads:

‘In 1995, Mexican women married at the age of 20, and men at 23, on average.

‘But just one decade later, women are now married at the age of 25 and men at 28 – resulting in up to a decade of cash-flush YUGGIES” of prime gaming age.’

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