Next-gen Xbox likely to launch in time for Christmas, claim sources close to the matter

Report: New Xbox arriving in 2013

Microsoft will have its Xbox successor on the market before Thanksgiving and Christmas 2013.

That’s according to a new report on Bloomberg, citing sources close to the matter who have conveniently started to blab just as the Wii U rolls out around the world. (It launched last night in the UK after a strong start in the US.)

The format-holder, while still enjoying strong sales of its current 360 flagship console, is reportedly planning to tap into the all important pre-holiday sales season.

However it is not yet clear if the device will be showcased at E3 or separately to the event.

If you’ve been paying attention, this is all to be expected – signs at the start of this year made it clear Microsoft was outlining its plans to third-party partners, with expectations that it would be shown at E3 2012 to get the jump on Sony and spoil the Wii U’s reintroduction.

But in lieu of the arrival of other Microsoft products like the Surface, Windows Phone and Windows 8 – plus Xbox Music and other Xbox-branded serves – it’s clear the firm has opted to officially unveil the hardware closer to launch.

However the Bloomberg report – the site broke the news that the Xbox ‘720’ wasn’t going to happen this year – does add some credence to what has been a year of speculation and no comment from Microsoft direct.

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