One-time authentication and internet requirement decision left to individual companies, not Microsoft

Report: Next Xbox always-on DRM up to publishers

Publishers will be able to decide whether their games for the next Xbox require a constant internet connection or one-time authentication, according to a report.

Speaking to Polygon, multiple sources claimed there would be “some for of always-on requirement”, with constant internet connectivity designed to support a number of non-gaming entertainment applications that will be launched with the console, such as video streaming.

The always on feature could also possibly be used as an anti-piracy tool through digital rights management and version checks.

But rather than the console requiring an internet connection, the sources stated that it would be up to individual publishers to decide if their games required one-time authentication or a constant connection. It was stressed however that such guidelines for the next Xbox could yet be changed.

It has been suggested on numerous occasions in the past that the next Xbox will require internet connectivity to function, and could stop being fully functional after a matter of minutes without one. Microsoft has yet to respond the reports however.

Information on features such as connection requirements are expected to be announced at the next Xbox unveiling, which will take place on May 21st.

As well as using the internet for potential anti-piracy purposes, the sources also said that video sharing and social features would play a bit part in the next Xbox.

They claimed that next-gen console will include video sharing features, similar to the PS4, enabling users to capture game footage and share it through the likes of Facebook and Ustream.

Users will also be able to go back through their game recording and select their favourite highlights to upload. Specific moments can also be set up for recording, such as headshots in an FPS or obtaining a certain achievement.

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