Several anonymous sources and a post on Imgur claim that staff have been paid late or not at all throughout 2016

Reports allege Crytek is having payroll issues in 2016

Over the weekend, several reports have surfaced suggesting that video game outfit Crytek has been paying staff late, or not at all, for much of 2016.

A post on image sharing site Imgur entitled: "CRYTEK hasn’t paid me (or my coworkers) for almost 6 months. HELP!" started the speculation, and although numerous places have claimed to have verified the story, Crytek themselves are staying silent.

They do have form in this area though as two years ago, Crytek were publicly refuting allegations that it was approaching bankruptcy while Crytek UK staff members were claiming paychecks were late and moral was low. This ended up with Crytek’s US office closing down and the UK branch was dissolved with most of the staff moving Dambuster Studios, working under Deep Silver.

The anonymous poster, using a throwaway Imgur account, is claiming to be employed at the German office

"The brothers had a meeting a few months ago and assured everyone that the issue was finally fixed and there should be no more problems," reads the text under the post. "That is not the case. People are still working without pay. This isn’t just here in Germany, this is in all of our offices as far as I can tell."

Currently anonymous Glassdoor reviews for Crytek are also claiming a lack of payment, although as anyone can sign up to Glassdoor and review a workplace, this doesn’t add any authenticity to the claims.

We’ve reached out to Crytek, who’ve not yet responded to requests to comment. We are keenly looking to hear from anyone that can confirm or deny the allegations. Both sides are welcome, and you can reach us by email at to give any confidential information.

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