Sony already winning the virtual reality war of adoption.

Research: Sony lays claim to 30% of VR market

Research carried out by 01consulting claims that Sony, Facebook, Google and Samsung are dominating virtual reality with a 50% market share, but the real story is that Sony is already winning the virtual reality war of adoption.

In a post by 01consulting’s founder Darius Lahoutifard on VentureBeat, Lahoutifard claims: "Sony (PSVR) is clearly leading and is taking one third of the whole market." He attributes the success to the large install base of 40-50 million PlayStations that are already out in the wild, but also claims that the PSVR headset has "the best balance of price/performance around the $300-400 price point"

Sony’s lead is well established, and they lay claim to 30% of the market. They’re followed by Facebook (11%) and Google (8%) who have nowhere near the virtual reality user base of Sony. Lahoutifard says this is because their products are "either at the low end or a bit too expensive." but concedes that they’re already making "hundreds of millions of dollars" in 2016.

Recently the VR optimism in the market has taken a bit of a hit, with SuperData revising down their sales forecasts for the year that saw the launch of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR.

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