Resident Evil 5 overtakes Street Fighter II to become Capcom’s best ever seller

2009 action outing Resident Evil 5 is now Capcom’s best selling game ever.

It has overtaken the 6.3m sales of 1992 SNES release Street Fighter II to claim the crown and also leads the likes of Resident Evil 6 (5.2m), Resident Evil 2 (4.96m), Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (4.8m) and Street Fighter II Turbo (4.1m).

The numbers come as Capcom reported a 16.9 per cent jump in sales to 53bn (336m) for the half year ending September 30th. Net income climbed 20 per cent to 4.95bn (31m).

Monster Hunter 4 was the star performer of the period, selling over 3m units since its release on September 14th.Lost Planet 3, however, apparently performed below expectations "due in part to intensifying competition in the European and US markets".

Maybe the other part is due to this?

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