Resident Evil 6 reviews are go

Just hours ahead of its UK arrival tomorrow (Tuesday October 2nd), the reviews have gone live for Resident Evil 6.

And as was always expected from a game that dares to stray so far from its established formula, the critical reception so far is proving very mixed.

Resident Evil used to be about exploration, scant resources, and terrifying encounters. Now it’s about walking a path that only goes one way and blasting everything you see with inexhaustible weapons,” CVG wrote in its 8/10 review.Resident Evil 6is one hell of a long ride, and there are some amazing stunts along the way. Even a few original ones. But next to the shooters that it tries so assiduously to out-do, the game feels stale, and compounds things with OTT action sequences that are more B-movie than Bourne.”

OXM also scored it 8/10, adding: Still, Resident Evil 6 is an accomplished shooter on the whole, and a fittingly thunderous send-off for current gen Resident Evil. The next instalment needs to tighten the focus, deciding which ideas are worth sticking with, but this could be the definitive videogame blockbuster – huge, colourful and surprising.”

Eurogamer was less certain, awaring the game a 6/10: The game represents a tremendous amount of effort and investment and, for those impressed by such things, Resident Evil 6 may delight. But all the effort in the world won’t make up for a lack of vision. This game is blind to imagination and focus. Capcom’s uncertainty about the series’ identity post-Mikami (and post-Uncharted) is hardcoded into its structure: four campaigns offering different, flawed expressions of that potential.

And the inevitable price for this wavering is a lack of coherence. Resident Evil 6 is an unwieldy tribute to the series’ past, an uneven expression of its present and an unwelcome indication of its future.

Polygon has so far been the most scathing, opting for just 4/10: Resident Evil 6leaves players with the shell of a blockbuster game. It blusters along with massive explosions and insane plot twists, but it lacks a fundamental understanding of why action games are fun. In the end,Resident Evil 6resembles one of its grotesque mutations — bloated, out of control, and recklessly trying to consume everything around it. Capcom has built a real monster here.

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