Pratchett previously wrote scripts for recent releases Overlord and Heavenly Sword

Rhianna Pratchett writing Mirror’s Edge script for EA DICE

EA’s Swedish studio DICE has announced that games writer Rhianna Pratchett has been hired to pen the script for its upcoming game Mirror’s Edge.

Pratchett previously wrote scripts for games such as Heavenly Sword and Overlord and has been writing for games for over 10 years.

 "It was a great experience working with the team at DICE to help breathe life into [lead character] Faith; her world, relationships and backstory," said Pratchett.

"My heroines and heroes have always been the ones who were ordinary, but through the events of a story, became extraordinary. Faith is skilled, but she’s certainly not a superhero. She has her flaws, like all of us. In short: she’s real. That’s her appeal."

"We were excited to work with Rhianna to develop the story,
setting and character of Faith," added Owen O’Brien, executive
producer at DICE.

"We were extremely lucky to be able to work with someone who is not only a writer, but also a core gamer, to create the world of Mirror’s Edge."

Mirror’s Edge is a first-person action game due out ‘this winter’ on PS3, PC and 360.

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