String of new hires for the Chicago-based ex-EA studio

Robomodo growing fast with Ride 2 project

Chicago-based studio Robomodo is expanding fast as work on Tony Hawk Ride 2 ramps up.

A spokesperson confirmed to Develop that the studio is now working on a sequel to the 2009 reboot of the landmark series, though further details are unavailable.

Robomodo previously hinted to Develop that it would be working on its own IP after the release of Ride, though this may not be out of the equation, as the developer continues to grow with numerous new staff hires each month.

Publishing partner Activision has a tendency to roll out a range of software for its expensive and alluring peripherals, and Ride’s skateboard controller could theoretically be used for genres outside of skateboarding – a key differentiator from Guitar Hero’s band instruments.

Tony Hawk Ride lead designer Patrick Dwyer told Develop last year that “the board is extremely versatile. As far as being an input device, there’s lots of different gestures and triggers that a game can read from, in terms of genre.”

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