Rock Band 4 Xbox One release and instrument adapter to be sold separately

The legacy instruments adapter for the Xbox One release of Rock Band 4 has been made available for individual purchase, Harmonix has announced.

A new post on the studio’s blog reveals there’s been an about face regarding the mandatory bundling of the adapter and the game’s Xbox One edition.

The game is now available to pre-order on its own for the standard $60 price tag shared by the PS4 version – which notably still doesn’t require any additional peripheral for backwards compatibility.

Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 instrument adapter can be had for $25 as a standalone product. That means the $80 bundle packaging both the game and the adapter would be the better deal; however, Amazon is currently offering a $15 discount to customers that pre-order using the code: RB4ADAPTER.

Rock Band 4 will also be offered on both platforms in a guitar bundle for $130, and a full band set bundle for $250.

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