Brenda Braithwaite and Tom Hall to lead development on 'old-school' RPG

Romero’s Loot Drop begins $1m Kickstarter campaign

Loot Drop has become the latest developer to take to crowdfunding website Kickstarter for its new project.

The studio is looking for $1m to help fund an “old-school” fantasy RPG, with development led by Brenda Braithwaite and Tom Hall.

Launched today, the campaign has already garnered $20,500 from 241 backers at the time of writing.

106 backers have pledged $15 to obtain a full digital download of the title for PC and Mac upon release.

One contributor has also pledged more than $10,000 to the campaign, which includes perks such as 25 copies of the RPG, and a chance to meet John Romero, Brenda Braithwaite and Tom Hall at Disneyland California.

The campaign’s video which includes descriptions of the game as well as an enactment of delivering the title on a cushion to a contributor personally – a perk available to those who bid more than $10k – and also features Minecraft creator Markus Persson tied up to a chair with a gun pointed at him, stating he “can’t wait to play it”.

The Kickstarter page also lists a number of games industry luminaries such as Blizzard’s Rob Pardo, Chris Avellone and Dishonored co-creative director Harvey Smith offering their support for the campaign.

Loot Drop has said that should the game raise more than $1.9million it will create another RPG, with one title led by Brenda Braithwaite and the other by Tom Hall.

If the title raises $2.1mil, mobile support will also be added to the games.

You can visit the official Kickstarter page here.

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