RUMOUR: GameStop kicks off Skylander trade-ins

Rumours suggest that GameStop in North America has begun accepting and selling pre-owned Skylanders figures.

Pixelitis claims to have word that the figures have a trade-in value of between $2 and $8 depending on wider availability. Re-sale values are said to range between $4.99 for something like Gill Grunt all the way up to Legendary figure Chop-Chop, which will cost $19.99.

The standard cost for new Skylanders figures is $9.99.

The site claims that for the time being the system is being run on a trial basis in a select number of stores, but that a national roll-out will likely follow if the trial is deemed a success.

With publishers already engaged in a silent battle on pre-owned software, the move is unlikely to please Activision. And with a new game around the corner – Skylanders Giants – don’t rule out a move to block such practise in the future.

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