RUMOUR: New Splinter Cell to break-out at E3

A new chapter in the chronicles of troubled hard man Sam Fisher will be revealed by Ubisoft at E3, rumours would have us believe.

It will be called Splinter Cell: Black List, IGN reports, and is scheduled for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U in January 2013.

Although a new Splinter Cell game has never been officially announced, such a title has reportedly been in the works for some time with development being headed by Ubisoft’s Jade Raymond

The talk suggests that the somewhat weather-worn, aged Sam Fisher seen in Splinter Cell: Conviction is long gone, having been replaced with a leaner, fully-suited and night-goggle version of Sam more akin to earlier games.

Despite that, the site also reckons the game is a direct sequel to Conviction.

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