20 year old Japanese studio blames changing business environment for bankruptcy

Rune Factory developer Neverland closes

The developer behind Rune Factory will close its doors after years of sluggish sales and failed attempts to attract new investment.

Neverland broke the news on its official website (via an English report from Siliconera) and said it would begin bankruptcy proceedings soon.

The Japanese studio blamed its dwindling sales on changes in the business environment over the past few years that deteriorated its financial status.

Multiple attempts to raise the necessary funding to turn things around failed, and as of Friday the studio has ceased operations.

Neverland has developed Marvelous AQL’s Rune Factory series from design to the recent launch of Rune Factory 4.

This latest game has proved the best selling title in the franchise to date, but even that wasn’t enough to save Neverland.

It is unknown what this means for the franchise, and more specifically for Rune Factory 5 – which has already been confirmed by Marvelous.

Other than Rune Factory, Neverland produced titles like Lufia and Shining force across a variety of consoles throughout the studio’s 20 year history.

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