Wilderness survival game cracks a million sales on PC, Mac and Linux

Rust shatters the 1m sales mark

Punishing survival game Rust has cracked one million downloads, game creator Garry Newman has announced.

Based around surviving in the wilderness, with activities including resource-gathering and crafting, Rust has spent several weeks at the top end of the Steam bestseller chart.

The UK-based head of Facepunch Studios and maker of Garry’s Mod, revealed the news in a tweet.

Rust has managed to achieve more than one million sales in less than two months, despite being in a alpha state. It follows DayZ, which also attracted over 400k players in its unfinished state.

Rust started life as a “DayZ clone”. Its creator decided that it wouldn’t be able to populated world as widely as DayZ. Instead, it decided to leave the world empty and give users the means to build using resources gathered in the world, giving it an element of Minecraft and Dark Souls.

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