Ryse designer says Xbox One resolution is a "non-issue"

The design director of Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome has said that gamers should stop fixating on the non-issue” of game resolutions.

"People are kind of grasping onto things that are really non-issues. For us, it was far more important to have artwork that looked beautiful,” Patrick Esteves told TechRadar.”

"It’s all apples and oranges. The part I’m more interested in is what people are going to do with the Cloud because that has far more implications on gameplay than resolution.

"Currently on your iPhone you take a picture and the picture is sent off into the cloud, it computes it using multiple computers, it ages you thirty years, and it sends you a picture back in 30 seconds that lets you know roughly how you’re going to look when you’re 70 years old. That is essentially like cloud functionality.

"Now imagine what we could do with games if we had that kind of focus. Maybe we can have ten thousand units on the screen. Ten thousand AI running around and fighting. That’s the dream. If you can do 60fps on 720p with ten thousand enemies, that’s awesome."

The comments echo those made yesterday by Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer, who claimed that games should be defined by more than their framerate and resolution”.

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