SafeCharge: A game changing payments solution for publishers

COO Yuval Ziv from SafeCharge talks about SafeCharge’s Marketplace Manager – a comprehensive solution for marketplaces to effectively manage cash flow and revenue

Marketplaces are booming worldwide across industries, including digital gaming. As emerging market trends open up new possibilities, businesses are expanding exponentially. For more than a decade SafeCharge, a global payment service provider, has been evolving with foresight and industry acumen to be in tune with these growing businesses.

We believe payments are not just a commodity, but a true differentiator that gives businesses a competitive edge. Our end-to-end platform and our innovative approach to payments provide a seamless experience for games publishers and developers.

As a publisher, you are required to manage developer onboarding and verification, enable your customers to pay seamlessly, manage your cash flows and split the revenue between the developer and your platform. The Marketplace Manager, a solution designed specifically to meet the needs
of marketplaces, does all this and more.

The Marketplace Manager, via RESTful API, enables the distributors and publishers to automate the entire revenue cycle, from easily creating a developer account, managing payments (including split payments) to the very last verified pay-out.

The Marketplace Manager manages the entire payments journey while reducing the scope of compliance.

Another important part of our product portfolio is the Payments Engine. It allows publishers to easily scale up and reach customers across the globe. Our products offer omnichannel checkouts in more than 150 local payments methods across a hundred plus currencies as well as enable cross-border payments and currency conversion, making it easy for businesses to expand.

The Marketplace Manager and Payments Engine along with a range of services offer the most reliable and transparent payment solutions. We look forward to meeting you and further discuss how payments can play a part in your business success. To learn more about our products, write to or visit us at GamesCom 2.2 / Stand A-44.

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