New UI tech features to be shown at GDC Online 2010

Scaleform GFx 4.0 granted Flash AS3 support

Scaleform has announced that its new GFx 4.0 UI tech will begin supporting Flash 10 ActionScript 3.0, as well as featuring significantly improved performance on previous iterations.

The new capabilities will be demonstrated at GDC Online, beginning in Austin, Texas tomorrow.

“Scaleform’s support for the latest Flash 10 and ActionScript 3 is core to the company’s strategy going into 2011,” said president and CEO of Scaleform Brendan Iribe.

“The Flash 10 gaming market has seen incredible growth recently, and we believe that our new support for Flash 10, AS3, and major performance enhancements will allow developers to reach a new level of AAA user interface and casual game development on PCs, consoles and mobiles.”

Epic Games boss Tim Sweeney complimented what he saw as Scaleform’s consistent innovation.

“Now with better performance and support for Flash 10 and AS3, as well as its tighter out-of-the-box interoperability with the Unreal Engine and UDK, it is the ideal solution for game developers working on any modern platform,” he said.

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