Sega elated by Bayonetta scores

Sega has called Bayonetta the first triple-A launch of 2010 following its perfect score from Edge Magazine.

The action adventure title developed by acclaimed studio Platinum Games is due for release on January 8th in Europe, and has also received a 40/40 from Famitsu and 9/10 from Eurogamer.

And Sega will be using this critical acclaim as a part of its upcoming bumper Bayonetta marketing campaign.

We’ve known Bayonetta is a quality product for some time,” said senior product manager Ben Walker.

On hearing Famitsu’s 40/40 score last month and the buzz that review created, we were confident of seeing a similar response from the UK gaming press and we have not been disappointed.

Edge’s 10/10 is an amazing achievement considering how rare an event that is. We also scored a 9/10 from Eurogamer, and having three fantastic scores from three of the most influential specialist media outlets in the world has put Bayonetta well and truly on the gaming radar.

The launch campaign will be an accolade driven campaign with heavy weight TV, online and print advertising. It is a campaign that reflects the confidence that we have in this title.”

Bayonetta will kick off a busy Q1 period for the games industry, which features major new releases including BioShock 2, Mass Effect 2 and Final Fantasy XIII. But Walker is confident that Bayonetta’s reviews will allow it to rise above the competition.

Releasing in Q1 was a strategic move taken some time ago and Bayonetta will be the first triple-A release of 2010,” he added.

It’s clearly a very busy start to the new year. However, we could not be better positioned and we are confident Bayonetta will perform to our expectations.

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