Sega on Q4 ’07

Add to this all the film licences that are currently rumbling through this summer – of those, one has to believe that The Simpsons will be a big player and of course the first party magic that is Nintendo, then you have a big line-up.

This year Sega feel that we have good contenders for top sellers this Christmas, based on feedback from our event in Malta. these include the evergreen Football Manager 2008, Sega Rally, our first major film licence in the history of Sega, The Golden Compass and, of course, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

Undoubtedly. the market is competitive but it is a good time to be a software publisher with no less than four viable console platforms, two strong handheld devices, a resurgent PC market and mobile – unimaginable just a few short years ago.

As for the Q4 bottleneck, I don’t think publishers have delibertely tried to stop this, but I would bet a few dollars of Peter Moore’s alledged riches that a few will "slip" into 2008…

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