Sega reveals Sonic Colours

Alongside the digital only episodic Sonic the Hedgehog 4 that’s due to hit digital platform later this year, Sega has lifted the lid on a brand new home console outing for the famed gaming mascot.

Sonic Colours sees our hero visit an alien theme park plagued by series’ villain Dr Eggman. It combines 3D gameplay with classic 2D sections.

The vibrant alien world of Sonic Colours enables players to race at top speed through incredible looking planets, each with their own unique visual style.” Sega’s senior VP of marketing Gary Knight stated.

In addition to the classic Sonic game play style, the colourful new Wisp power ups offer a fresh new way of exploring these worlds and helps make Sonic faster than ever before.”

The game is due out in ‘late 2010′ on the Wii and DS.

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