New IP owner claims bankrupt publisher was paid half a million by Valve after filing

Sega sues THQ for CoH 2 pre-orders

Sega has filed suit against THQ for nearly a million dollars it claims the defunct publisher received for pre-order copies of Company of Heroes 2.

THQ filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, and Sega picked up its former studio Relic and the accompanying Company of Heroes IP in the subsequent auction of assets.

The legal filing, spotted by Gamasutra, claims Valve paid THQ £630,000 – over $941,000 – for CoH 2 pre-orders.

Of this, Sega says over $500,000 was paid after THQ’s bankrupcty filing, which supposedly makes it a priority claim.

THQ still owes tens of millions to its creditors, but the final amount the company will have to pay will be arbitrated by the court pursuant to Bankruptcy proceedings.

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