Sega Superstars Tennis hits an ace

With Sega and Nintendo joining forces to unleash their favourite characters in the upcoming Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Sega has taken a leaf out of its former rival’s book by announcing a new character-filled tennis outing.

In much the same vein as Mario Tennis, Sega Superstars Tennis will boast a number of Sega’s most familiar characters including the likes of Space Channel 5’s quite tasty Ulala, Amigo from Samba Del Amigo, Super Monkey Ball’s AiAi and, unsurprisingly, Sonic.

The game will feature the usual array of tournament and exhibition modes, but will also boast some platform specific features, such as online play on PS3 and 360.

Sega Superstars Tennis is due out on PS3, 360, Wii, PS2 and DS some time early next year.

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