Football Manager and Total War maestros beat expectations, publisher claims

Sega: UK dev talent is our bedrock

Sega’s two British studios are outperforming targets and have become “the bedrock” of the publishing giant, a key exec at the firm has said.

Gary Dunn, Sega Europe VP of production, was effusive in his praise for the London-based Sports Interactive and West Sussex developer The Creative Assembly.

"Our UK internal studios are probably the bedrock of our business," Dunn said in an interview with

"For the second year both Sports Interactive and Creative Assembly are outperforming their business plans from a profitability perspective. These guys are on top of the game, it’s a real testimony to the games they make."

Sports Interactive is most famous for Football Manager, with annual editions of the series routinely praised and frequently topping all-format charts.

Total War designers The Creative Assembly, meanwhile, is receiving more investment than ever with the studio opening another 10,000 square foot floor. The outfit is developing a new title based on 20th Century Fox’s Alien IP.

"Creative Assembly is seen as the jewel in the crown of Sega,” Dunn said.

“That’s an interesting thing, I don’t think that would have been a thought about that fifteen years ago – but probably Creative Assembly has the consistent highest quality in terms of gaming for any studio, so Sega’s very proud of both.”

Sega acquired The Creative Assembly in March 2005, thirteen months before its Sports Interactive buyout.

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