Sega vs The Son of God and pan-dimensional lizards

And to think, you thought Ubisoft was brave to take on the anti-DRM brigade…

David Icke has lashed out at Sega over its refusal to allow him to use a track from Medieval: Total War II in an upcoming stage tour.

Who is David Icke, you ask? Well…

He was once famous for being a goalkeeper at Hereford United and subsequently co-hosting BBC’s Grandstand program. His career since then, however, has taken a slightly different track.

After a brief stint with the Green party he abandoned politics after a deeply emotional religious experience that lead him to claim that he was the Son of God on TV talk show Wogan.


It doesn’t stop there, either. As well as believing that the world is run by a secret society called The Brotherhood – who themselves are descendants of an underground humanoid lizard race that come from another dimension and live in caves – he also reckons that the Moon is a reptilian-controlled spaceship that is broadcasting a fake Matrix-style reality in order to manipulate the human race.

No, really.

Icke had hoped to use a track called We Are All One that appeared on the Medieval: Total War II soundtrack for an upcoming stage show.

The financial agreement had been made with Sega, but then they withdrew permission to use the song because ‘We did not want our music to be associated with a controversial figure’,” Icke lamented in centre-aligned bold.

So it is fine and non-controversial for them to use war as entertainment for the young and others, with all the potential impact on their minds and perceptions about war and violence, but not okay to use a song to which they own the rights to call for people to stop killing each other in crazy wars. That would never do because I am a ‘controversial figure’. Tut, tut.

Using war as entertainment for the young is normal is it? Not ‘controversial’ at all? I don’t want to be associated with Sega, either, but unfortunately they own the rights to a relevant song and I put the truth and what needs to be done before personal feelings.

Apparently the ‘brand manager’ for Total War has stopped the song being used at Wembley during a call for an end to young people killing each other and innocent civilians. Ironic, but true, or maybe very appropriate.

The promotion blurb for Total War Rome II says: ‘Become the world’s first superpower and command the most incredible and vast war machine of the Ancient world. Dominate the enemies of your glorious empire by military, economic and political means.’

The world is so crazy that it is considered ‘controversial’ to call for an end to people killing each other, but not to make money from selling video games about Total War.

And they say that I’m mad?”

Yes, David, they do. They all do.

Icke went on to urge his fanbase not to buy any Sega products in future. Which must be giving the Tokyo HQ a real headache.

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