Seized PS3s released

The patent disagreement between LG and Sony has been lifted – freeing 300,000 stranded PS3s in Holland.

Last month LG was granted a preliminary injunction against Sony for an infringement on Blu-ray technology, but now InsideGamer is reporting this has been lifted.

The injunction resulted in 300,000 PS3s being held by authorities, with many seized at the ports of Rotterdam and Schiphol.

All PS3s will now be released and there will be no more seizures, reports Eurogamer. LG has allegedly been slapped with an order to pay all €130,000 of Sony’s legal fees. For each day it fails to do so, it will be fined a further €200,000.

FOSS Patents owner and IP activist Florian Mueller said: If this is true, it is only related to the prejudgment seizure order.

This means Sony can resume the distribution of PlayStations across Europe for now, but there will be a full-fledged legal proceeding to determine whether there is an infringement – and if so, how much Sony owes LG for it.”

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