Sequel set to top SFIV sales

Capcom expects its upcoming beat-‘em-up Super Street Fighter IV to outperform its predecessor.

The original sold more than 2.5m copies worldwide within a month of its release, and the publisher is in no doubt that its follow-up will improve on this.

Street Fighter is the biggest fighting game franchise in the world,” said Capcom’s head of UK marketing Stuart Turner.

When you factor in the new characters, bonus stages, additional moves, new online modes and a budget price, we’re confident the game will stand up as the best pound-for-pound fighter on any console.”

Capcom also feels it has overcome concerns from fans that there wouldn’t be enough new additions in SSFIV to warrant a second purchase.

Added Turner: There were a few dissenting voices but these same people now show genuine excitement as we’ve released more details.

This isn’t just an update.”

Super Street Fighter IV is due on 360 and PS3 on April 30th.

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