Eurogamer's Digital Foundry reveals the bad news

Several titles are performing worse for the PS4 Pro than the PS4

A performance analysis of Sony’s new PlayStation 4 Pro console has revealed a few performance discrepancies, including the fact that several titles actually seem to perform worse when compared to the original PlayStation 4 console.

This has come to light in the performance analysis by Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry who published their finding so far after intensive analysis and testing of the console’s performance, warning that the way the system operates can result in a worse experience.

Why does this happen? When connecting a PS4 Pro to a Full HD display, the console will render the game at a higher resolution before downsampling it to improve visual quality, but Digital Foundry have found that this can cause problems with framerates that aren’t present when the game runs on the PS4 in native 1080p.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is, in terms of hardware, a significant upgrade in terms of power: Sony have bumped the graphics processor from 1.84 to 4.2 teraflops, which Sony have claimed will allow the PS4 Pro to produce 4k resolution graphics without too much stress.

Sony are looking into the issue, and it’s key to note here that the performance problems aren’t true of all games, but there are certain titles that perform demonstrably worse for the PlayStation 4 Pro console.

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