Ex-Microsoft man to help broker studio deals

Shane Kim joins Zipline board

Shane Kim, the Microsoft executive who departed after 19 years at the firm, has been appointed a leading role at mobile games group Zipline.

Kim joins Seattle-based Zipline three years after he retired as vice president at Microsoft Game Studios.

It is unclear whether Kim’s role at Zipline is an executive one or not. He does hold various roles at other companies such as Jambool and GameStop.

Zipline said Kim would advise on how the mobile studio should expand its game development platform, known as Moai.

He will also be expected to smooth the process of studio partnerships.

“Kim has very deep experience working with AAA development studios and a world-class online gaming service,” said Zipline CEO Todd Hooper.

Moai is a cloud-based rapid development platform for iOS and Android developers, based on Lua coding.

Crimson, the first game published through the Bungie Aerospace initiative, is being built on the Moai platform.

“With Moai, Zipline has a fresh and well-executed approach to helping studios build cross-platform mobile games and the cloud infrastructure those games need to be successful,” said Kim.

“I am looking forward to working with Zipline Games and helping shape its growth and success.”

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