Ubisoft studio Blue Byte to take advice from the industry veteran

Shelley returns as design consultant

Decorated development veteran Bruce Shelley has returned to the industry he loves one year after Microsoft axed the AIAS Hall of Fame inductee.

Shelly co-founded Ensemble back in 1995, only for Microsoft to buy it up in 2001 and shut the group down last year.

Several splinter groups formed after the talented outfit closed – such as Robot Entertainment, Bonfire Studios, Windstorm and Newtoy – but it was unclear what Shelley would do next.

Now, one year after the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences inducted Shelley into its Hall of Fame , the decorated industry veteran is acting as game design consultant.

A Big Download report revealed that Ubisoft’s German studio Blue Byte will be provided with Shelley’s consultancy work.

Blue Byte is currently building the upcoming RTS Settlers 7, meaning that Shelley’s extensive experience with the genre will be directly applied.

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