Shellshock 2 confirmed

The BBFC has confirmed that Eidos has a new Shellshock game in the works – entitles Shellshock 2: Blood Trails.

The body has granted the game a release with an ‘18’certificate.

No cuts have been made to the content of the game and no details have been released on which formats the title will be released on.

According to the BBFC site, players assume the role of a soldier fighting in Vietnam against both ‘infected soldiers and the Vietcong army’.

It adds:

‘The violence includes blood spraying when enemies (both human and infected) are shot, and the sight of heads exploding due to a head shot. Blood splatters onto the ‘camera lens’ frequently as a result of the violence, during both gameplay and cut scenes.

‘The game also contains moments of gore, such as when soldiers are seen near or post-death, with limbs missing (and occasional spurting blood from the remaining stump). During gameplay the player also encounters a few soldiers slumped with their bodies having clearly been eviscerated, the organs and rib cage bloodily visible.’

The original Shellshock – entitles Shellshock ’67 – was released back in 2004. The title was developed by Killzone studio Guerilla.

Shellshock 2: Blood Trails is reportedly being created by Rebellion.

PIC: Shellshock ‘nam ’67

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