SimCity back on Indian Origin store

SimCity has made its way back onto the Indian Origin store a couple of weeks after it was pulled by EA.

SiimCity was released on Origin for Indian users at launch. Then a bunch of non-Indians found a loophole that let them circumvent Origin’s region restrictions to get the game for far less than they would pay in their country. They then proceeded to let the world know how they could do it too.

EA was quick to act, pulling the game from the Indian store before more people could exploit the loophole.

A similar situation had occurred around the launch of Battlefield 3 Premium, with EA removing the game from Origin and later relisting it at a much higher price.

There was a likelihood of the same happening with SimCity, but EA has instead stuck with the earlier price of Rs 1,499, in line with retail pricing. That’s for the standard edition though; the deluxe edition is priced Rs 2,499.

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