SK Gaming and Team X disqualified from ELEAGUE

Both SK Gaming (formerly Luminosity) and Team X (formerly SK Gaming) have been disqualified from ELEAGUE.

As the news was announced via a tweet from league commissioner Min-Sik Ko, which can be seen below, there hasn’t been an official reason given for the disqualification, but it seems to relate to the former Luminosity roster moving over to SK, and Team X losing the sponsorship of the organisation as a result. This has seemingly broken agreements between the organisations and ELEAGUE regarding roster and organisation changes. The result is that both teams have been removed from the event.

ESPN reports that spaces in the league are tied to organisations and not players, meaning that, theoretically at least, the new SK team could have competed in the last chance qualifier. This resulted in a petition from other teams that has seen both rosters kicked out of the competition.

SK Gaming were due to compete in the quarterfinals of the competition while Team X were one of the teams competing in the last chance qualifier. This means that Cloud9 has been placed into the playoffs while Renegades and Gambit Gaming have been added to the last chance qualifier.

A ELEAGUE spokesperson gave the following statement: "The decision to replace Luminosity and SK Gaming was solely based on the violation of league rules and the agreements in place with all competing teams that were established prior to our first season."

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