Sleeping Dogs HD listed by retailer

Square Enix is rumoured to be readying a PS4 and Xbox One release for Sleeping Dogs.

CVG reports that ShopTo was earlier carrying listings for Sleeping Dogs HD on both next-gen consoles, although they have since been removed.

The game had a PS4, Xbox One and PC release date of November 21st.

If the re-release is true it will join fellow Square Enix title Tomb Raider as well as the likes of Grand Theft Auto V, Metro Redux, The Walking Dead, Halo’s 1-through-4 and The Last of Us is getting a fresh lick of a paint for the latest consoles.

Sleeping Dogs was originally released in 2012 and is a GTA-style open world action title set in Hong Kong. It was built on the foundations of the cancelled True Crime: Hong Kong.

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