Snakebyte to launch Disney Kids TV box that streams film and plays Android games

Peripheral company Snakebyte has announced it will be launching an officially licensed Disney media streamer box that also doubles up as an Android gaming device.

First spotted byTom’s Guideon the CES show floor in Las Vegas (pictured), MCV has since learned the Disney Kids TV box is currently slated to launch this autumn for around 100. It will be able to play 4K video, stream films and TV shows, act as a music player and run certain, pre-selected Android games at 60fps.

Little else is known about the device right now, as Tom’s Guide reports it’s still in its prototype phase. However, unlike other media streamers on the market, such as Google’s Chromecast or Roku’s various streaming sticks, the Disney Kids TV Box will be designed specifically with kids in mind.

It’s not yet known what type of parental controls will be available, but Tom’s Guide says customers can expect to see a simple, easy-to-use UI, bright vibrant colours (Tom’s Guide confirms it saw two Frozen themes and one for Mickey Mouse), and, most importantly, no adverts.

The box will come pre-loaded with select Disney content, such as films, TV shows and games, but we’ll have to wait until later in the year before Disney announces the full line-up. Snakebyte will also continue to update the range of content available every month.

According to Tom’s Guide, the Disney Kids TV Box will run on a modified version of Google’s Android TV operating system, allowing users to stream content from a range of channels, or play content from connected external storage devices. This bodes well for the range of potential content available on the box, as most of the top streaming services, such as Netflix and Now TV, already have plenty of support.

An optional Disney-branded game controller will also be available, but Bluetooth controllers will be compatible with the Disney Kids TV Box as well. Pricing for the controller is currently unknown. Other accessories, including karaoke mics, will also be available.

The Disney Kids TV box will also launch alongside a Disney Kids Tablet. The latter will also cost around 100, according to Snakebyte’s PR company, Big Boy PR.

Alex Verrey of Big Boy PR told MCV: "The Disney Kids TV and Disney Kids Tablet will be the Ideal way for family’s to enjoy the worlds best entertainment in a simple and safe online environment. Games, TV, music, movies and more will be available in a specially curated online store and new content will be added monthly. Unlike some media solutions designed for children, the Disney Kids TV and Tablet are powerful enough to render complex games and 4K video, making the devices perfect for the entire family. We look forward to sharing more details shortly."

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