SOCOM 4 and LBP headline Move titles

Sony had plenty of titles on show following its PlayStation Move reveal at GDC in the early hours of this morning, but it was probably a motion-enabled version of upcoming shooter SOCOM 4 and a tweaked Move-edition of platformer LittleBigPlanet that caught the headlines.

SOCOM 4 was only announced recently, though developer Zipper Interactive says that whilst the game has been in development for three years the studio has only been working on the PlayStation Move for the last six months.

LBP was shown in Sony’s on-stage demo but not made playable for attendees.

Of the other titles on show, Motion Fighter will likely have also caught the core gamers’ eye thanks to both its stylish over-the-shoulder monochrome graphics and violently non-casual content.

This was joined by The Shoot, which is best described as a digital shooting gallery and plays much like a normal lightgun shooter.

Also showcased was TV Superstars, a game that’s more than a little reminiscent of Microsoft’s You’re In The Movies, which lets players place themselves into the title and live the life of a celebrity.

There was also plenty of time given to a new version of popular EyeToy title EyePet, though it’s unclear whether what was shown was a new game or a tweaked version of the title currently on the market.

Other titles on display included mini-game collections Move Party and Sports Champions, as well as a port of existing Wii title Brunswick Pro Bowling.

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