Soedesco announces new action RPG IP AereA to be published this summer

Soedesco has announced that its second new original IP will be published on PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year. Entitled AereA, the music-themed action RPG is being developed by the Netherlands-based Triangle Studios and it’s also the first game in the planned AereA series.

The title will be released both digitally and at retail this summer and is being developed under the Soedesco brand. This makes it the second IP to be released in this way, the first of which was Adam’s Venture: Origins – a remake of the original Adam’s Venture titles which was released last year.

Our strategy is to combine the publishing of third party games with first party titles,"Hans van Brakel of Soedesco said of the announcement. "The AereA-IP is the next step in building a strong portfolio and a great addition to our 2017 line-up."

MCV recently spoke to van Brakelabout Soedesco’s transition into the indie publishing scene, as well as its mission to bring indie digital releases to retail. Starting with titles such as Rain Games’ Teslagrad, the publisher has since branched out to work on its own franchises, such as Adam’s Venture, and now AereA.

We wanted to do a variety of different projects,” van Brakel said at the time. We don’t want to be only dependant on indies that want to work with us – if they all say they don’t want to work with us for one reason or another, then we have nothing.

"So we want to have a base that is our own IP, such as Adam’s Venture, and grow that project and really build a franchise that gamers can recognise.We’re gamers as well, we love indie titles. So if the opportunity is right, we will work with indies and bring them to retail both physically and digitally. That’s something that will never go away for us."

Soedesco’s also released a short teaser trailer for AereA, which you can view below, and the Steam page for the game is now liveas well:

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